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Nail Art Trends – Great Expectations

Nail Art

Nail Art Trends – Great Expectations

Nail Art is bigger than ever this season and the latest trends are all about playing with expectations. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity. Whether you are playing with bare nails or going all out with designs, the latest nail art trends are anything but boring.

Before you get started with nail art, deciding on your nail shape can impact on the overall design.

Exploring Nail Shapes

Short and Rounded – Short nails lend themselves to ease of maintenance and can be really cute. There are also tons of nail polish options for them.

Oval – Oval nails are always in style with the shape being elegant, yet practical. They are long enough for manicurists to get a little more creative with their designs but they are not so long that the nail looks over the top.

Almond – Longer nails in an almond shape can be more flattering than the extreme stiletto nail shape. Depending on the strength and length of your natural nail, generally almond shaped nails require tips to be added.

Here’s your finger forecast to help you update your manicure with the latest nail art trends.

Nail Art Trends and DesignsNail Art

Crystal loaded transparent nail extensions ruled Instagram waves recently, making a play for more-is-more nail art.

Ranging from holographic silver to high-shine gold, metallic lacquers are having a major moment and are expected to be big on the beauty circuit next year too.

There is something special about getting a little free flowing with the nail brush and outing your inner creativity. The geometric ‘80’s pop vibe – sketchy lines, geometric shapes like circles, squares and achromatic designs are all on point this year. You don’t have to be Picasso to master the creative. Just grab some of your favourite polish shades and get stuck in – even free-handed squiggles will do. Confidence is compulsory for this nail art trend.

The most romantic manicure trend is certainly the pink nails. They are soft and bright and exude perfect health. Millennial pink got the high-fashion seal of approval on the runways this season.
If you want to infuse colour into your nail art but candy hues aren’t your style, pastels are just as fresh. Semi-bare with splashes of colour go down a treat too – low effort yet high impact.

The old-school French tip has been taken for a new spin this year. Clever and unique designs have given the classic mani a fun face-lift. Use non-traditional colours, such as ‘electric orange’ and play with shapes, new angles, colourful arcs and asymmetrical stripes instead of the traditional curved white tip. Alternate your colours such as using shades of red and white polish alternating as main and tip colours. Metallic tips on a nude base also fit the latest nail art trends.

The ombre nail looks tougher to achieve but is actually anything but boring. To create an awesome ombre nail paint a nail polish sponge with the colours you want and then stipple it onto your nail. The effect is fairly quick and seamless. If you cover your cuticles with tape before you start, the clean-up is easy.

Instead of the classic ‘candy-apple red’, manicurists are opting for a shade of red that would make vampires thirsty. Blood red is a wintery shade and has an edgy Goth appeal.

For the boldly creative, rainbow nails are guaranteed to get your fingers noticed. Create an explosion of colour on your tiny canvases, using both thin and thicker stripes of your favourite polishes.

Instead of sliding on a ring or two, an alternative way to accessorize your fingers is to rim the cuticle area with a shimmery, metallic or striking shade. While it’s not long lasting, it is guaranteed to catch an eye or two and can fire up a conversation on a night out.

When in doubt, nude nail polish is still a staple among nail art trends because of its fresh and natural look.

Well-groomed and beautiful nails add the perfect finishing touch to your style. Call us on 011 784 8710, or email to book your favourite nail art manicure.


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