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13 Feb 2018

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Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a very precise form of massage used on certain “ reflex” points of the feet and hands. Foot Reflexology is used to maintain good health and it is a very pleasant way of helping the body to relax. It is possible to treat different areas of the body by working specific reflex points of the feet.

During a reflexology treatment all the reflexes in both feet will be massage therefore treating the whole body. This soothing and healing massage is expertly performed using thumbs and finger techniques. Use of these techniques is by applying pressure to different ‘reflex’ points of your feet and hands, and move carefully over every millimeter of skin in smoothly flowing forward movement.

Reflexology is a wonderful, natural and simple way of helping to heal itself. Everyone can benefit it, from young to the elderly, for mind, body and spirit.

Stress is something which every one of us experiences and everyone deals with it. Dealing with stress via reflexology massage is the chosen way for many nowadays. During a reflexology session most people tend to fall asleep and awake refreshed with a wonderful sense of well-being and inner harmony.

We offer the following:

Relaxing Reflexology Foot Massage             30 mins

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